Magnolia’s vanilla cupcakes + a lemony surprise: lemon curd cupcakes

as if I didn’t think my husband could possibly love me more, I went and did something silly like fill a cupcake with lemon curd. and by silly, I mean omghowfrigginamazing. he loves anything citrus, you see. recently I have been baking cupcakes like they’re going outta fashion, when in fact, they are so in vogue. kinda like Madonna with the pointy-cup bras, but a little more delicious.

I started with a classic vanilla cupcake – seeing as vanilla is my secret lover and one day I hope to immerse myself in a bath filled with it’s tiny little beans. I offered to bake 50 cupcakes for my cousins’ twins who turned 1 last week. so all last week, leading up to the party, I practiced and practiced and almost gave my family diabetes so I could perfect the recipe and technique and produce a most lip-smackingly, vanilla-rich cupcake, and I can proudly say I am well on my way! I used
Magnolia’s famous vanilla cupcake recipe
, and teamed it up with a pink and blue-tinted vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream from Pick Yin that was to die for (TDF). I ended up throwing in some white chocolate towards the last few batches just to spice things up, and I’m glad I did as it complemented the vanilla cupcakes beautifully.

Magnolia’s vanilla with tinted white chocolate buttercream


my laziness paid off! failing to clean the piping bag between colours gave this two-tone effect

next flavour destination – lemon land. as I mentioned earlier, I discovered the sneaky notion of hiding lemon curd in cupcakes. how inventive! I simply used the basic vanilla cupcake I had been working with, and once baked, I cut out a tiny insert in the middle (making sure not to hit the bottom of the cupcake liner) just big enough for me to spoon some fresh curd into. I topped  it with a lemony-vanilla buttercream (I simply added lemon curd at the end until my heart desired), and called it a day. my apologies, but I forgot to take a photo of the cupcake cut in two – you’ll just have to take my word that there was indeed lemon curd inside!

mm gotta love that little zing you get from the freshly zested lemon

next stop – lime cupcakes with a graham cracker-crumbed frosting. stay tuned!

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